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Being able to voice text information has been a blessing in so many ways! Do you guys think I sit and write all of this information every single day non-stop? Well, I don’t. One of the things I do is I use Siri or Google Voice to record myself as I’m walking around doing stuff around the house. Using the text-to-speech feature on my phone is an easy way for me to get my message across, and yet it’s still in a written format, which I can then post later on to my blog.

Whether it’s news update, something I want my students to know, or something my business partners need to know.  I use my phone to take notes while using voice text. From there, I sent it to myself and turn it into a blog, update, assignment. You name it. It only takes a few seconds to edit bam I’m done!

Use Your Headset or Bluetooth to Voice Text Information

One of the things I started doing was hooking up my headset, which allows me to easily voice text information and do something while I “speak” out instructions to lectures or write my blog. I’m able to dictate to my phone, which is technically writing this out for me while I’m cleaning my chicken coop and cleaning my house. So, I’m doing two things at once it’s an easy way for business owners instructors alike to be able to get information out quickly in a written format.

Shoot as I’m writing now, I’m making hummingbird food for my birds outside. All while I’m trying to write this article for my next blog post. Once I’m done, I’ll simply email it to myself or upload the information to my google drive.

Use Google Docs

If I dictate straight into a Google Docs document, I can access it from anywhere. Of course, you have to have Google apps installed on your phone, but that’s simple enough. Additionally, I can go in and do some quick editing adding punctuation, and from there, I copy it straight to my blog or assignment.

By using the same Google applications on all my devices, it takes little to no time to edit and post the information. Not to mention, I can access it from any technology I’m using. Talking for me, is more natural than having to sit and continuously figure out what I’m going to type next.

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