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Interested in Seeing Our Design Portfolio?

Our portfolio is quite diverse, but we have worked on some particular goals and needs for each project defined by our clients. Successful project designs require more than just pretty colors and nice fonts. Our designs are very technical and require extensive knowledge about marketing, data analytics, and various content delivery methods. How so?  Our skills have to be diverse enough to be able to create content for print, web, video, and interactive platforms. 

Every client has different needs and goals, and we want to help you meet yours. Just because something looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s functional. We take an educational approach to our designs by doing a lot of research first, and then we use what we’ve learned to design something aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Therefore each project we work on goes through our comprehensive process regardless if it is for a new or existing client. While we are creative individuals, what makes us successful is our project management skills. Our project management life cycle breaks down into 5 phases – each phase contains critical tasks that we must complete before moving on to the next task.

Discovery - Architecture -
design - development - launch

While we can’t share all of our client’s work, we can give you insight into what we have done. The following will allow you to visually see what we have done and hopefully give you a bit more of a feel of what you will get when you hire us. 

our process

phase 1


  • Informal scoping & requirements gathering
    This consultation is free of charge and does not cost the client anything.
  • Client brief
    Project scope is created and sent for discussion (15-30min conversation).
  • Retainer
    All clients pay a retainer fee of $100.

phase 2


  • Deliverables Established
    Timeline is created and has been sent to client & posted for team.
  • Wireframe Media
    We develop wireframes, storyboards, & initial design concepts.
  • Client Approval
    Client reviews and approves.

phase 3


  • Design Prototype Media
    In the design stage, we use content that is either developed by a copywriter or Lorem Ipsum filler text. Additionally, media is created to size. We also get initial color, font, and image approvals during this stage.
  • Client Approval
    We get content & text provided to us by client.

phase 4


  • Development
    In this stage, we begin connecting and building media to make it functional.
  • Client Approval
    Client provides final approval.

Phase 5


  • Launch
    Web files are uploaded to server and made live. Interactive media content is provided to client in workable format. All raw design files remain the property of V.i.V.’s Design.
  • Deliverable Met

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