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Introduction to Birds Unit – K – 2 Curriculum

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Introduction to Birds Unit – K – 2 Curriculum

These units are intended for homeschool use or as supplemental learning materials to enhance the overall learning experience for learners ages K – 2. All units have a suggested sequence and contain instructions for each lesson. 


This unit’s focus is an introduction to birding and studying birds. Birds will be used to introduce and reinforce learning objectives for various subjects. 


To familiarize learners with basic birding skills and the ability to apply and correlate what they learn across various academic subjects. 


Learners will be able to:
● Begin to identify birds
● Relate Bible message
● Begin to skip count by 2’s and 5’s
● Make various related crafts
● Recognize letters B, I, R, D
● Understand Syllables
● Learn how to make tally marks
● Build a bird feeder