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Not all Videos Have to Be High Quality Productions

Many videos don’t have to be of high quality productions. When on a time crunch, just getting your point across sometimes is all that’s needed.

Students & Clients often appreciate when they can see that their instructors or business partners aren’t these high and mighty beings that don’t reside on the planet Earth.

And while I get it, you know you have some folks that aren’t as tech-savvy and have some issues editing video. However, that doesn’t have to be complicated either. Again, be real! Allow people to see some of the bloopers and mistakes. It’s life! Hell, their life is not perfect. So, I’m sure they’ll appreciate seeing some not-so-perfect people in this world living just the way that they do.

Use Screen Recording for Quality Video

Remember, some of the best videos are just audio of you talking and then showing a few still images. That alone can help you explain and get your point across. You do not need a massive mass production or video that you have to edit and piece together.

A lot of videos can be just a screen share or screen capture of what you’re showing your students. A lot of my videos are only screen shares. My students and clients just get to hear me being the commentator while they’re watching me solve their problems. Or when I show them something on the screen.

My Phone Used for Many Instructional Videos

So what do I use for my recording real simple I use my phone for most of it and then the rest of it is going to be through Camtasia. The biggest thing to spend time on is closed captioning. But, we will talk about that more in another blog post! If you need help with your interactive media needs feel free to contact me

Additionally, here is a link to an offer from TechSmith for those transitioning to remote learning and working from home.P

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