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Viviane Marioneaux-Maguire


I Am viviane marioneaux-maguire.

I’m the owner of Victorious in Vines Design LLC and have over 16 years of teaching experience. I have designed and built hundreds of courses from the ground up for all ages. One of the consistent problems I’ve found when designing courses and lessons is learners end up excluded. Therefore, I’ve begun creating assignments, lessons, and classes that engage the learner through discovery-based learning. Regardless if you are a K-12, college level, or business learner. I’ve created lessons for you that will keep you engaged and help you learn and apply what you have learned to your everyday life. My mission is to provide individuals and parents with the necessary tools to take control of their education and make learning relevant again.  

Why My Courses

Grow your knowledge and apply it to your life


100% Affordable

Don't go broke taking expensive online courses and paying crazy curriculum prices. Check out even what we have for free!


Discovery Learning

Ever wonder, "when am I ever going to use this?" Well, wonder no more! We are making learning relevant and fun again.

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Courses Anytime, Anywhere

Don't have time to sit in a classroom and listen to lectures? Want some hands-on lessons. Check out some of our classes and see for yourself.

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