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What is White Hat SEO?

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What is White Hat SEO?

We perform White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO). White Hat SEO  is also an ethical SEO practice that we take seriously. White Hat SEO is used by those who intend to make a long-term investment on their website. Focusing on the user and not search engines. We study user keyword trends, search behaviors, back-links, and follow search engine guidelines. This practice does NOT produce an overnight increase in web traffic.

White hat SEO improves search engine ranking organically while ensuring your web content is not misleading or deceptive. Additionally, we focus on using those keywords in great content, such as how-to articles and videos, that matches the intent of the keyword and your end-user.

SEO Example: 

If you sell puppies – Instead of focusing on how to buy the puppies, we encourage writing self-help articles.

“Have a problem with fleas on your new puppy?” Head & Shoulders is a non-toxic, inexpensive way to help control fleas. Fleas are often part of dog ownership. However, your new puppy does not need to suffer from fleas! Nor do you have to spend an arm and a leg on expensive flea prevention techniques. The anti-dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders contains zinc which weakens a fleas shell causing it to crack and die. Instead of using harsh chemicals on that precious bundle of joy, trying a more organic approach. For more information, contact us. “

keywords – fleas, non-toxic flea prevention, flea control, cheap flea solution, puppy tips, organic flea control.

Because this post would be written using the website’s blog feature. The navigation links to the rest of your site are there automatically. We would also link to a reference article on zinc that states it’s impact on fleas (creating credibility).  We’d include relevant internal links (new puppy would link to your new puppies page). Also, we’d direct readers to the contact us link encouraging engagement.  Finally, we’d include a captivating image or graphic and then share it through various digital platforms.

Our SEO Services

Some of our services include requirement gathering, analytics, social media marketing, & White Hat SEO. Streamlining multi-platform applications and cost-saving tactics help short term and long term SEO & Digital Strategy solutions. For pricing and a detailed overview of our SEO services, please look at our FAQ’s section on SEO Services.

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