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What is IMED 2280 Cooperative Education?

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IMED 2280 Cooperative Education is a final competency course that should only be taken AFTER all Digital Media coursework has been completed. For example, It is ok to take the cooperative course along with the portfolio course or any other core course such as English, speech, etc. However, it is not recommended that students take the course if they are currently enrolled or still need to take upper-level IMED courses. You can NOT just register for the course you will need to contact the program coordinator or the course instructor to obtain instructor permission to register for the course. Click the following link to find out how to get permission to register for the cooperative education course.

IMED 2280 is not a course where digital media concepts are taught and best practices are learned. The course is specifically designed for students to showcase learned digital media competency skills obtained from the various courses digital media courses they have taken. Students will have a choice to choose positions within the Web, design, or interactive media areas of the digital media field to complete their internships.

The course is also set up in a manner that helps students complete the final requirements needed to obtain possible employment. The student will complete a portfolio of some sort, ensure that they have an up-to-date digital media-appropriate resume, understand interview concepts, and how to apply for various positions.

The course itself requires that the actual course work be completed online and the internship will be completed either in person on remotely depending on the company’s attendance policy requirements.

Expectations – All students are expected to find an internship for this course. What exactly is an internship? How do you find an internship? Click the following link to find out more about how to obtain internships.

The length of time required for securing an internship and arranging for academic credit can be unpredictable, so begin your planning as early as possible!!