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What’s required for an internship?

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There are quite a few requirements for an internship such as: course completion, time,

To be eligible to register for a credit-bearing internship. Students must obtain approval to register for an internship from the collaborating faculty member. The on-site or remote internship experience must take place during the semester the cooperative course is taken. That is, the internship and the cooperative course must be taken simultaneously. Rare exceptions must be approved by the program coordinator. The length of time required for securing an internship and arranging for academic credit can be unpredictable, so begin your planning as early as possible.

Students are not allowed to receive credit if they intern with a family business or if a relative is serving as the on-site supervisor.

Paid or Unpaid

Internships are not required to be paid. However, if they are paid internships will still count toward academic credit. Students can receive academic credit for either paid or unpaid internships. How do you register for the cooperative education course?

Time commitment for the actual internship

During an 8 week semester it requires 6wks of 20 hours per week of time commitment.

During a 16 week semester it requires 12 weeks of 10 hours per week of time commitment.

Time commitment for the course portion

During an 8 week semester it requires a minimum of 5 hours per week of time commitment

During a 16 week semester it requires a minimum of 2.5 hours per week of time commitment

Time Management

Because internships require hands-on time it is crucial for students to be able to manage time between their personal, professional, and school lives. If students are currently employed it is expected that students work with their current employers to ensure adequate time can be dedicated to both their work and internship responsibilities. It is also expected that students understand the time commitment that is required despite their commitments to, school works, pets, family, children, spouses, and significant others.


All internship employers must have an experienced digital media employee on-site or available to be able to assist future interns. For example, an intern can not be the sole authority on digital media concepts or work at a place of business. The goal for an internship is for the intern to learn from and work side-by-side with a seasoned or expert within the digital media field. Are you a company looking for an intern? Click the following link to see if your company qualifies to place interns.