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Website updates and how to get them

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Website updates are often needed. Updates can be a nightmare or simple. The experience depends on the site, web knowledge, and what needs updating. V.i.V.’s Design does not perform routine page copy updates or content updates. We also do not provide online store maintenance support. We only do the initial copy placement and first 10-20 items when we build an online store. Therefore, webpage updates are NOT the same as website updates.

If V.i.V.’s Design created your site

If we developed your site chances are we’ve provided you with a document that outlines how to update the pages of your site. However, if you lost the document or still don’t understand, you can contact us.

If you are hosted on V.i.V.’s Design Servers

All Clients hosted on V.i.V.’s Design’s servers can request up to three free webpage updates every three months. To request updates, please use our webpage update form. Please keep in mind that we will charge for page updates if more than three pages need updating.  Therefore, it may be best to request a quote if you need a lot of content updated. You can also put us on a monthly retainer if you have frequent updates that require constant changes.

Website updates if your site was not created by V.i.V’s Design

We do most  WordPress site updates even if we didn’t build your site. Please note that wordpress.com and wordpress.org sites are different. WordPress.com sites and do not support a lot of third party applications. WordPress.org sites are normally part of a hosting package and can be installed on the server. If your site is hosted through Wix, Square Space, or any other page building platforms, we would not be able to service you. The only options we have are to re-design those types of sites and convert them to a WordPress site. Page builder customers check out our DIY hosting plans. We provide low-cost WordPress Solutions that can be supported by any host!

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