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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is when we help search engines find your website content by making sure that pages are able to be crawled nd indexed. How do we do this? We ensure that your pages are listed on sitemaps. Additionaly, we make sure that sitemaps exists and that page speeds are not too slow. 

Other things that are included with technical SEO can be as follows:

  • image optimization
  • script consolidation
  • structuring data
  • establishing internal & external linking
  • meta data/tags on pges

Ever Changing Technical SEO World

Technical SEO will constantly change with Google’s changing algorithms. SEO trends will constantly change and will require constant learning. Therefore, it is imortant to find an SEO company that using the latest strategies and doesn’t always have all the answers. The key to good SEO company is their willingness and ability to reverse engineer ranking factors. 

The starting cost for basic Technical SEO is $30 per page.

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