Search Engine Traffic – how do I get it?

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How can I get more traffic to my site?

Search engine traffic happens in one of two ways. Organically through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Or through paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM). To get continuous website traffic, one has to have both. Additionally, driving traffic to a website requires a multifaceted approach.

We combine White Hat practices and advanced SEO tactics in our SEO services. Strategic, analytical, and multi-pronged approaches increase website rankings. We create relationships between social media, content scoring, and cornerstone content.

Therefore, V.i.V.’s Design constantly researches to ensure we use up-to-date SEO techniques

Some approaches include:

  • Optimizing initial website
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Constant interaction
  • Presence established through blog posts
  • Social media integration
  • Business listings
  • Keywords

For example, generating posts and distributing them to various social media networks boosts search engine ranking. The distribution drives continuous search engine traffic back to your site. One can use an SEM service to boost keywords or a post’s visibility.

Advanced SEO techniques and methods

The SEO services below maximize visibility within Google. For example:

  • Featured Snippets
  • Writing evergreen content (continuously relevant)
  • Google knowledge panel visibility
  • Google Quick Answers Box
  • Local Pack
  • Install HTML Markup on-page to support the above objectives

The cost is $500 per technique in addition to hourly writing charges

The best long term approach includes SEO and SEM to boost content. To learn more check out some of our blog posts. You may want to start with “Appear first through search engine results.”

Check out our search engine optimization and social media marketing plans.

While we love building websites from the ground up. Also, knowing the impact the web can have on a business we want to help you grow. This is the very thing that sets us apart from other SEO and SEM companies. We will not simply just submit content to search engines. Nor will we charge you an arm and a leg to use a 3rd party marketing bot to rank your site just using random keywords.

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