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I submitted information or changes to you and haven’t seen anything change or had a response.

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We appreciate clients who are on top of things! A few things to take into consideration are: What time did you submit the information/changes? Our employees work from 8a-5p Tues-Thurs. If a project request is submitted after 12n, ViVs Design will not address things until the next business day.

Our employees do not work on the weekends; therefore, ViVs Design employees will not receive those requests until Tuesday. Additionally, since we are a small company, many observed holidays are not part of the few “federal” holidays. Since we work in a high-stress industry, we pride ourselves on giving our employees plenty of time off to regroup, spend time with families, and take care of themselves.

Why don’t our employees work Monday or Friday? It isn’t that they don’t work on those days, but we reserve those days for meetings or full productive workdays. Our field requires lots of uninterrupted time to complete projects. Therefore, Tuesday – Thursdays are often filled with nothing but client calls, interruptions (while necessary, they stop production), video shoots, or client meetings.