Hashtags Important search engine ranking strategies

What’s in a hashtag?

Why are hashtags important search engine ranking strategies? First of all what are hashtags really?Hashtags Important search engine ranking strategies

Well, if you are familiar with keywords then you’ll get the gist how hashtags are really just cool metadata tag that appears on the front end of web page. These tags make it easier to find content or messages. The pound sign aka “hash” in front of a word is what converts the word into a “meta tag” (Knapp & Baum, 2015).

A lot of people try to make up their own hash tags to stand out. However, if the goal is to be found one should get away from unique tags and get tags that are already are trending, popular and relevant to their content. The goal is to tie the hashtags back to your company, service, or product (Gaikar, 2012 & Laucuka 2018).

Properly placed hashtags can drive long-term, traffic back to your site. Incorporating hashtags into social media posts mean you have more opportunities to ranked in search results (Gaikar, 2011).

Now, let’s look at an example. If I’m a new company or have a new product I don’t necessarily want to come up with my own hashtags. I may want to research some competitor tags. A good tool is the

  1. hashtag generator app that will show you viral tags and trending tags.

So, let’s say your message/post is about search engine optimizations – some tags to consider would be #marketing #contentmarketing #socialmediamarketing #branding #entrepreneurs #technology #webdesigner #instagram #facebook #design #startup #vivs-design

Notice my tags aren’t just specific to my topic but also my field (technology, design), my profession (web designer), my goal (branding, social media marketing), and my audience (startup, Facebook,). Last but not least I added my company name as a hashtag.

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