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"Achieving mastery by growing businesses strategically"

Local Web & Interactive Marketing

Have you been searching for a digital media web marketing company in San Antonio? Well, look no further. We are your one-stop-shop for all things web!

Victorious in Vines Design (V.i.Vs Design) specializes in web & interactive multimedia. V.i.Vs Design has a team of professionals who have been in the web & marketing industry for over 20-years. Whether it is graphic, media, or video content creation, V.i.Vs Design can help you. We are a business to business company and specialize in multimedia production as well as marketing.

The Story Behind ViVs Design

V.i.Vs Design is short for “Victorious in Vines Design,” and run by Viviane Marioneaux-Maguire. The meaning behind V.i.Vs Design is Victory in God’s Design. Viviane’s background is extensive in the sense that she’s been in the web development world for the last 25 years and in the design world even longer. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design with an emphasis on Web Design. A master’s in teaching & EDD in eLearning. She also teaches web development in the Digital Media department at Northwest Vista College here in San Antonio. Her company’s approach is all about helping her clients grow their bottom line intead of selling random services. 

Viviane also believes that the future of the Web lies in the hands of the next generation of web developers and designers. It is important to teach the foundational skills needed to provide quality design & marketing services. Therefore, Viviane and her employees are trained and required to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. She also works with various colleges to provide internship opportunities in an attempt to give back to the workforce community. Viviane makes sure that all of her employees share the same mission, vision, and values. 

Core Values

  • Compassion — We show kindness and compassion for all
  • Integrity — We do everything with integrity
  • Dedication — We dedicate ourselves to our clients
  • Commitment — We commit to ensuring results

Company Focus

  • Our focus is to help businesses grow their digital media reach!
What Makes V.i.Vs Design Different?
  • Education — We educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions based on their web & interactive media needs.
  • Empowerment — We empower clients not only with knowledge but also with the ability to handle their web & interactive media needs.
  • Perspective — We look at things from a client’s (business) perspective rather than from a pure Web & Interactive Media “Development” point of view.

ViVs Design Services

The company focuses on three main service areas which consist of:

The reason for these areas of concentration is because they all interweave with each other. Without one, the others can’t flourish. Good web design is more than just making things look nice. It requires clean coding, lightweight graphics, good content, and, most of all knowledge of the digital world. The adage “build it and they will come” couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a successful website that generates revenue doesn’t have to be expensive. However, it does require strategic planning. Let ViV’s Design help you with whatever your web needs are.


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our process

phase 1


  • Informal scoping & requirements gathering
    This consultation is free of charge and does not cost the client anything.
  • Client brief
    Project scope is created and sent for discussion (15-30min conversation).
  • Retainer
    All clients pay a retainer fee of $100.

phase 2


  • Deliverables Established
    Timeline is created and has been sent to client & posted for team.
  • Wireframe Media
    We develop wireframes, storyboards, & initial design concepts.
  • Client Approval
    Client reviews and approves.

phase 3


  • Design Prototype Media
    In the design stage, we use content that is either developed by a copywriter or Lorem Ipsum filler text. Additionally, media is created to size. We also get initial color, font, and image approvals during this stage.
  • Client Approval
    We get content & text provided to us by client.

phase 4


  • Development
    In this stage, we begin connecting and building media to make it functional.
  • Client Approval
    Client provides final approval.

Phase 5


  • Launch
    Web files are uploaded to server and made live. Interactive media content is provided to client in workable format. All raw design files remain the property of V.i.V.’s Design.
  • Deliverable Met